Episode 56

#56 Todd Armstrong, Christ Consciousness, The Freethinkers Society with Mike Romanelli

Published on: 4th December, 2021

Todd has gained psychic abilities and connects with Christ Consciousness. We talk to him about how it happened and what he has learned.

Todd Armstrong

IG: @TheGreatChakraAwakening777

Mike Roamnelli

IG: @MikeRomanellijr


Clint Esposito

IG: ClintEsposito

Hero Soap Company


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The Free Thinkers Society with Mike Romanelli
Mike Romanelli talks to other free thinkers about psychedelics, the universe entities and more.
On The Free Thinkers Society with Mike Romanelli. Mike talks to other Free Thinkers about psychedelics, the universe, Entities and more.

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