Episode 2

#66 UFO Enigma's and E.T. Disclosure with Dave Zed

Published on: 31st March, 2022

Mike Romanelli is Joined by Dave Zed host of the Generation Zed Podcast, Dave shares his knowledge of the latest UFO Disclosure events, who the players are, and what he thinks is really going on. Be sure to follow Mike and share your thoughts on the show via Instagram @mikeromanellijr

Dave Zed: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNbNFrynC573bQnjaefYYZg

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Intro : Another New Start

By Aphie Black

Outro: Extraterrestrial

By Saint War

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The Free Thinkers Society with Mike Romanelli
Mike Romanelli talks to other free thinkers about psychedelics, the universe entities and more.
On The Free Thinkers Society with Mike Romanelli. Mike talks to other Free Thinkers about psychedelics, the universe, Entities and more.

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